Clubhouse Renovation

Golf Clubhouse Remodel (Villa Rica)

When the venerable Fairfield Plantation Golf and Country Club decided that the interior of their clubhouse needed a newer, more contemporary look to compliment the newly installed greens on the course, the task fell to D&R Painting and Construction of Douglasville.
The course is located behind the gates of the Fairfield Plantation development in Villa Rica but is available to the public as well as members. The clubhouse restaurant, pro shop, bar, bathrooms and connecting hallways are all high traffic areas and were showing the wear. Walls and trim had been scuffed and even cracked in some areas and then there was the dirt and grime that settles on all walls over time.
D&R’s first job was to prepare the surfaces for new paint. Preparation is the key to a successful and long lasting paint project. Preparation requires attention to detail, particularly on trim and molding, and a great deal of sanding and wiping to remove soil and oily spots, repairing cracks and caulking around windows. It’s a tedious process but one that is critical and the pros at D&R understand that.

With the walls and ceilings prepped, the crew began applying the first of two coats of premium finish paint. The end result was a transformation from a tired look to one that popped and gave the entire interior a new character.

The customer was delighted and we are very proud to have him on our list of references.

When you need a quality contractor you can trust, you need D&R.

Framing for a Preschool

Preschool Remodel (Douglasville)

When a Douglasville preschool decided to remodel an open space in their facility into three rooms specifically for toddlers, they selected D&R Painting and Construction to do the job.

Working off plans provided by the school, D&R framed out the 1200 square foot space into two large rooms and one smaller one. Once the framing was in place it was time to start hanging the sheetrock. Careful measurements were made and locations of outlets and door frames were noted.

D&R – Experts in Framing, Drywall and Painting

A two man team began attaching the drywall to the framing being careful to precisely cut out sections in the drywall to accommodate electrical outlets. Door frames presented the same requirement to custom cut sheetrock in order to assure a perfect fit when the frame was installed.

After attaching the drywall, the team began the taping and mudding process. Tape is used to cover joints between drywall sheets and “mud” (drywall compound) is used to cover the tape and dimples made by drywall screws. Once the mud had dried, all surfaces were sanded in preparation of applying a primer coat.

With the primer coat on and dry, the team began applying two coats of durable interior paint specially formulated for easy cleanup of greasy little fingerprints. Doors and trim were hung and attached and voila, a perfect space for students.

Complete Drywall Installation

Residential Drywall Installation (Atlanta)

D&R Painting and Construction was contracted to hang all of the drywall for the ceiling and walls in a 7 room Atlanta house. A two man team was dispatched to the site and began by installing the ceiling throughout. The walls presented a more complex task given the number of exterior windows, electrical outlets, doors and hallway entrances that required custom cutting of the drywall to fit perfectly around the architectural features.

Once the drywall was attached, tape was applied to conceal all joints. A drywall compound (also known as mud) was then applied on all wallboard screw dimples and over the tape. When the compound dried the team sanded all surfaces smoothing them out and prepping them for the application of a primer coat. With the sanding complete and the dust wiped off all surfaces, the team applied a coat of primer making the project ready for the finish paint team.

The entire interior of the house looked like it was hewn from a single piece of material. No seams, no screw marks, nothing but a smooth surface on both walls and ceilings.

The reason homeowners, businesses and general contractors in greater Atlanta consider D&R a go-to resource for drywall and framing is their consistent attention to detail, skillful cutting and finishing and an uncompromising commitment to do the job right. With family owned D&R quality is a matter of pride.

When you need quality work done on time and on budget you need the pros at D&R Painting and Construction.