Interior Work

The key to a long lasting interior paint job is all in the preparation. At D&R Painting & construction we always start by covering any and everything that won’t be painted, we the remove any nails in the wall, fill holes, and seal any cracks. We check for mold and mildew, as well as any other signs of water damage. We then apply primer, followed by two coats of paint to the walls and ceiling. We leave your home looking like new and we won’t leave until each of our clients is 100% satisfied with our work!

A Nice Deck Is Essential

A nice stained deck is the essential finishing touch to any beautiful home. With decks being an outside addition to the home, they experience the most wear and tear and are always exposed to the elements. The prep work is the most important part to a long lasting beautiful deck. Pressure washing and striping is important depending on the stain. Since there is moderate traffic in this area, reinforcing certain loose areas is key to keeping good maintenance, and last is applying the stain. It is important to only stain when the wood has had time to dry completely. To avoid premature peeling, we like to leave our customers decks healthy. Therefore, no staining underneath the deck is done as this is how the wood “breathes”. Everyone loves a good cookout and we can give you a beautiful deck to grill on!