What Does A Good Painting Job Look Like?

good house paintingWhat’s Your Definition of a Good Paint Job?

When it comes to interior or exterior house painting the term “good” is going to be defined by the homeowner’s objective.  If the house is an upscale home in Smyrna or Vinings that the owner intends to live in long term, then most likely the owner will want a quality job performed that will last 8 to 10 years. Another homeowner may have a house that needs to be painted but doesn’t have the budget to afford top notch job and would settle for getting 4 to 5 years of service out of a house painting.

Then there is the person looking to sell their home. Often times this homeowner just wants a fresh coat of paint as a marketing ploy. So long as it looks good this homeowner could care less how long it will last.

Not surprisingly the cost difference between these three types of “good” can be dramatic. Ironically, in many cases the most expensive price can be the best value when the project is amortized over the life of the paint’s life.

Start at the Top and Work Your Way Down

So why is there such a big difference in cost? It’s not the materials. Granted there can be a $30+ difference per gallon between the lowest quality and best exterior paint but the real cost comes from how the paint is put on the house. Just like paint, painters come in different levels of quality except they aren’t as easy to identify.

Let’s take a look at the top-of-the-line painter who uses best practices regardless of the quality of paint involved. How does he go about performing the task?


Preparing the surface to be painted is the biggest part of the project and there is only good preparation or bad. Either the paint sticks to the surface or it blisters, peels or flakes off well before its time. The preparation process is also one of the favorite labor saving shortcuts of less than professional painters.

Here’s what should happen.

If the surface is damaged it needs to be repaired or replaced. Window frames that are cracked or rotted need to be repaired or replaced. Scraping, a labor intensive activity, has to be thorough.peeling paint Loose paint, blistered paint or glossy paint left on the surface will ultimately cause the new paint to peel. Finally the surface needs to be dry. Depending on the time of year, painting may be delayed until the sun has had a chance to evaporate dew.


One of the ways to tell a great paint job has been done is the lack of any evidence of the underlying surface texture. For example spaces that were scrapped clean will actually be “thinner” than surrounding areas where the old paint was left in place. A touch up adds more paint and brings the “thin” space to the same “depth” as the rest of the surface.

Knowing when to roll and when to brush and how to build up paint at joints comes with experience. Spraying paint on is faster but cannot achieve the same quality results. The experienced painter can deliver a paint job that a homeowner can take true pride in.


Another sign of a professional painter is the information he provides before the job. Some is obvious…some not so much”

  • His work is warrantied
  • How long the project will take
  • How many painters will work the job, when they arrive and when they depart.
  • How the crew will pick up and dispose of paint chips and other debris.
  • Not only the paint brand but product number.
  • What the total price is and when payments are due.

At D&R Painting and Construction located in Douglasville we adhere to best practices. If you are looking for a quality paint job feel free to call us and arrange an appointment so we can provide you with free, no hassle a quote.