Interior House Painting

The key to a long lasting interior paint job is all in the preparation. At D&R Painting & construction we always start by covering any and everything that won’t be painted, we the remove any nails in the wall, fill holes, and seal any cracks. We check for mold and mildew, as well as any other signs of water damage. We then apply primer, followed by two coats of paint to the walls and ceiling. We leave your home looking like new and we won’t leave until each of our clients is 100% satisfied with our work!

Exterior Home Painting

 Exterior Home Painting

At D&R painting and Construction we are known for our expertise in exterior work! Our exterior work is always rated as one of the best. Our process for every single home begins, where it matters most, with the prep work; We pressure wash the entire house, caulk all seams and cracks, and replace all rotting wood. It is important that prep work is done thoroughly and carefully to give us the best possible outcome once we paint. Once the prep work is complete, we begin painting the house. We love to see the joy and satisfaction that we get from our customers after we turn an old washed out, faded house into a brand new home!

Clubhouse Renovation

Golf Clubhouse Remodel (Villa Rica)

When the venerable Fairfield Plantation Golf and Country Club decided that the interior of their clubhouse needed a newer, more contemporary look to compliment the newly installed greens on the course, the task fell to D&R Painting and Construction of Douglasville.
The course is located behind the gates of the Fairfield Plantation development in Villa Rica but is available to the public as well as members. The clubhouse restaurant, pro shop, bar, bathrooms and connecting hallways are all high traffic areas and were showing the wear. Walls and trim had been scuffed and even cracked in some areas and then there was the dirt and grime that settles on all walls over time.
D&R’s first job was to prepare the surfaces for new paint. Preparation is the key to a successful and long lasting paint project. Preparation requires attention to detail, particularly on trim and molding, and a great deal of sanding and wiping to remove soil and oily spots, repairing cracks and caulking around windows. It’s a tedious process but one that is critical and the pros at D&R understand that.

With the walls and ceilings prepped, the crew began applying the first of two coats of premium finish paint. The end result was a transformation from a tired look to one that popped and gave the entire interior a new character.

The customer was delighted and we are very proud to have him on our list of references.

When you need a quality contractor you can trust, you need D&R.

Interior and Exterior Painting

Interior and Exterior Painting in Vinings

The owner of an older, larger brick home in Atlanta selected D&R Painting and Construction to give his house an exterior makeover and freshen up the interior in preparation to putting it on the market.

The home’s brick exterior just looked tired after so many years exposed to the elements. That look wasn’t helped by the peeling paint on the frames of the house’s principal exterior feature, 70 windows. The interior presented other challenges with nail holes and cracks in the wall and an overall “used” look that comes with old paint.

From “Worn Out” to “Look at Me”

D&R tackled the exterior appearance with a one, two punch. Power washing equipment was brought in and a pressure wash was applied to remove years of dirt, grime, tree sap and other materials that had embedded themselves in the brick over the years. With the brick looking new the next task was to scrape off peeling paint, repair or replaced chipped or rotting frames, prep the surface and give new life to the windows with two coats of exterior paint.

The result…a classic Georgian brick home with inviting curb appeal.

Inside the home D&R went to work on 10 rooms and connecting hallways repairing the walls and ceilings sanding them all in preparation for a finish paint. Two coats of quality finish paint were skillfully applied to walls, ceilings, doors, built-ins and doors. Just like the exterior the interior “popped” with a fresh new look restoring the character of this fine old home.

Whether you are preparing your house for sale or you want to freshen the look of your home you can rely on the services of D&R Paining and Construction.